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You Ask - I Answer

What happens during our first session?

Your first sessions focuses on what brought you to therapy and determining your needs. This is also the time where I will gather more information about you and your upbringing, as well as your goals you would like to accomplish during therapy. You'll have the chance to ask any questions of concerns you may have with moving forward with therapy.

How long does each therapy session take?

Each session ranges for 50-60 minutes.

Is everything I tell you kept between us?

What is discussed during your session is strictly confidential with a few exceptions. These exceptions consists of information that is shared which indicates clear and imminent risk to you or someone else, concerns of child or elder abuse, or as required by court order.

Do you accept insurance or only self-pay?

Currently accepting BCBS PPO IL , Blue Choice IL, Aetna IL, United Healthcare IL, and Lyra EAP (IL & TX). For self-pay and/or other insurance networks and plans I am happy to provide a receipt (also known as a superbill) for sessions, which may be used for reimbursement from your insurance company. All Texas residents are BCBS PPO, Self-Pay or Lyra EAP.

Where will my sessions take place?

All sessions are via telehealth, therefore sessions are available using video or phone. For video sessions we’ll meet through a secure platform using a unique link for your sessions.

What is the benefit of being Self-Pay versus using my Insurance?

Self-Pay allows you more privacy when it comes to your mental health information, unless otherwise subpoena by court. When using your insurance, insurance companies have the right to view all documentation and requires a mental health diagnosis, even when one might not have a diagnosis; this diagnosis does become a part of your permanent record. Insurance companies also places a lot of control and restrictions on our intervention and how we work together during our therapeutic relationship. Some may not like the idea of the insurance companies such power and therefore opt our of using their insurance and chooses to be Self-Pay.

What are the office hours?

Although these are the office hours below, please keep in mind that majority of this time is spent with clients; therefore if you are trying to reach me please be sure to leave a voicemail or send and email. 
Office Hours: 
Monday: 10am-7pm
Tuesday-Wednesday: 10am-8pm
Thursday: 11am-5pm
Closed: Friday-Sunday

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