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Therapy Made For You

All services are exclusively offered online, therefore you never have to leave the comfort of your own home. Session takes place on secured video platform. All services are available throughout the state of Illinois and Texas.


Couples Therapy

Finding your “person” is one thing, but staying with them is another. Throughout life couples sometimes hit bumps in the road and are not always sure how to effectively work through this to maintain a healthy relationship. This is why you have me.

Together we can work on:


Loss of intimacy

Lack of communication 

Changes in roles

Everyday life changes

And more...

Individual Therapy

Tired of feeling like you’re in this alone, with no one to talk your thoughts out with, an unbiased opinion? Well I’m here to tell you, You no longer have to go through this journey alone.

Through therapy you will be able to: 

Process your thoughts

Work through your anxiety, depression, etc. 

Tackle different life changes

And More…

Therapy Session
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